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Not Always Right: 15th Anniversary Month! – The Feel Good Stories!

, , | Right | October 20, 2022

Dear readers,

As Not Always Right has grown over the years, we felt it best to hire some onion ninjas to combat the near-constant deluge of stories about entitled and selfish customers. As much as our stories can destroy hope for humanity, we felt it was a requirement to occasionally remind you that it’s not all so bad, and decent human beings can be found out there.

We started publishing these stories as their own category – Not Always Hopeless – but we soon found that feel-good and inspirational stories could be found among all our categories, and separating them out on their own defeated the purpose of offering our readers a surprise warm hug when reading those feeds. Therefore we started migrating these stories to their own tag – Inspirational – and today, that is where you can find all our positive stories to restore your faith in humanity.

As part of our fifteenth-anniversary celebrations, we’ve rounded up the fifteen top-voted and the fifteen editors’ favorites from this tag. Again… beware the onion ninjas!


Editors’ Picks – Our Top Fifteen Feel-Good Stories

Out Shopping For A New Friend – All it takes out is reaching out once, sometimes.

That Is ‘Pretty’ Awesome – This story turns all of us into a blubbering mess every time. Your turn!

Se Habla Japañol – It’s always a good time when your bilingualism and theirs overlap!

He Is Twice The Man – Hits from the comments: “Sounds like that guest got a leg up on you.”

Not Exactly The Pick Of The Litter, Part 2 – This reminds me of that meme that’s like, “Yeah, we’re expecting a baby, but it could be a velociraptor.”

Little Nuggets Of Interest – Whoever invented them, we are eternally thankful.

Medical Training These Days Is Shocking – Hits from the comments: “Seeing this in 2022 knowing what the doctors and nurses have to deal with now…” We’re going to take a quick moment here to thank all medical personnel for all that they do for us! You’re amazing!

There Is A Pot Of Feel-Good Gold At The End Of This Rainbow – They must’ve put onions on this pizza, too. Fresh ones.

Your Christmas Can Become Magical Between Lunch And Dinner – Hits from the comments: “If that’s not a Christmas miracle, I don’t know what is.”

That’ll Do Snake… That’ll Do – You’re never too old to try something new!

You Never Know What You Might Find On These Hiking Trails – It’s wild how the universe brings people together sometimes.

A Beautiful Gesture – If you’re looking for examples of how to be a loving partner, here’s a perfect one.

Dark Moch And Salad, At Tenagra – Hits from the comments: “[Author]’s deeds brought honor on their house.”

Pregnant With Potential – Just a couple of strangers with similar life experiences making me a weepy mess. Again.

A Caffeinated Christmas Miracle – Now that’s what we call “spreading Christmas cheer”!


Readers’ Choice – Top Fifteen Voted Feel-Good Stories

No Pranks, Just Thanks – We’re thankful as heck for sweet stories like this!

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Pregnant Woman Scorned – This story is cute, but I do have one question: what’s wrong with mint chocolate?!

Suited To The Role – There are good judges of character and bad ones. This story has one of each.

Friends In Unusual Places – Thanks for making this guy feel a little less lonely, author!

The Dark Chocolate Knight – Thanks, Jeff – sorry, The Batman – for making our day a little brighter.

This Boss Gets More Than Just The Check – Progress, people! Progress!

Judge A Sandwich On Its Filling – Hits from the comments: “That’s the kind of person who *should* have money.”

A (Po)Lite Snack – This little boy is being raised right.

Man’s Best Friend, From Beginning To End – Excuse me, I just need to go hug my dog for an hour or two.

Checkouts Are Places For Change – Proof that if you’re kind to employees, it can really pay off!

Spread The Health – This is both a great reason and a great way to celebrate!

Grandma Won’t Be Outmatched – THIS is how you grandma!

Star Trek Names: The Next Generation – You never know where inspiration will strike.

Alls Well That Bookends Well – Personal growth – you love to see it.

History Is Never Old News – Hits from the comments: “Now there are many more people to keep that memory alive.”


Remember to check back on our 15th-anniversary content by visiting our special tag created just for this occasion!

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