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Not Always Right: 15th Anniversary Month! – 2021 Retrospective

, | Right | October 26, 2022

Dear readers,

And so we come to the last roundup in the Not Always Right 15th-anniversary celebration. We hope that revisiting all these amazing stories from every year since the start has been as nostalgic and entertaining for you as it has been for us. What started as a fun little site about moaning customers has evolved into a community, a safe space of solidarity for all those who are persevering through minimum-wage retail jobs, taking solace in the fact that they’re not the only ones force-smiling through rude customers and entitled jerks.

We wouldn’t have made it fifteen years without our readers and your amazing stories! Some of you have been with us since the beginning and others discovered us later, but all of you spur the NAR team on to always bring you as many stories as we can, every single day, from entertaining to enlightening, from hilarious to heartwarming!

From all of us here at Not Always Right, to all of our dear readers: THANK YOU!

Here’s to another fifteen years!


Editors’ Picks – Our Top Fifteen Stories Of The Year

It’s Cute That You Think That We Care – A fresh take on “killing them with kindness”.

In Line And Out Of Line, Part 17 – We have to wonder, did the machine really freeze, or was the cashier giving Karma a little help?

A Snappy Comeback – Hits from the comments: “Treat me like a dog, I’ll definitely be a b****.”

Making A Lot Of Noise To Stop A Lot Of Noise – We didn’t realize you could censor people in real life!

You Will Have To Wait To Deposit Your Bigotry – We’d say we hope she learned something, but we all know these jerks never do.

Entitlement: The Movie – Expertly outsmarting their entitlement!

Learn Not To Fear The Boop – Hits from the comments: “Shut up and keep your money!”

They’re Going To Need An Extra-Strong Raktajino – This customer has the same energy as people who complain about Tolkien’s elves being Black.

When You Have The Final Word With The Final Customer – WE. LOVE. MANAGERS. WITH. SPINES.

Maintain Your Steely Resolve – Hits from the comments: “Time, effort, and skills are intangible values that are almost always undervalued.”

Can’t Hear You Over The Sound Of Your Ovaries, Part 20 – It’s so sad that men in the 1970s didn’t know how to read.

Wish He Was Buying A Cone Of Silence – Considering the lengths I’d go to for ice cream, this guy is ridiculous.

Why Nurses Should Rule The World, Part 14 – The title says it all, really.

Directing Them Away From Us – Hits from the comments: “Always call their bluff. Also, preferably record their reaction for posterity, evidence, and public entertainment.”

The Power To Point Out Stupidity – This is why tech support has to ask you seemingly stupid questions.


Readers’ Choice – Top Fifteen Voted Stories Of The Year

Stacks Of Parenting – Hits from the comments: “This just in: a rare sighting of a Proper Parent! Film at 11.”

And That’s The Historical Tea – You mean people in the UK can just have a giant turkey dinner whenever they want?!

Shady AND Stupid: A Losing Combo – A cop in my family always says, “We can’t arrest you for being stupid.” But this one…

Fighting Stupid With Stupid – If you’ve ever wondered how to deal with an “I don’t work here” moment…

This Is One Scrambled Scam – Hits from the comments: “You just went from zero to ‘screw you’ with no hesitation there, didn’t you! Outstanding work!”

Now That’s What You Call A Clap-Back – Clapping or snapping at me is one of my berserk buttons.

Two Can Play This Game, Lady – Hits from the comments: “[Customer #3] might even be one of the pillars of this grocery store.”

Talking To The Big Cheese – We wish we knew where this was. We’re hungry!

If You Wouldn’t Say It To Their Face, Don’t Say It Near Their Ears – Hits from the comments: “Just… maybe don’t talk crap about people in any language?”

When There Isn’t A “Corporate” To Empower Them – I never could get the hang of crocheting.

This Customer Has A Screeching Ignition – You try and do one nice thing…

What In The Audacious, Entitled, Rude-A** Heck Is This Bulls***?! – PSA from the comments: “Wheelchairs are extensions of a person’s body; do not ever touch them without consent.”

Snobbery Meets Buffoonery – If I had been there, I literally would’ve applauded.

Set That Red Flag On Fire – It’s been a while since we’ve wanted someone to get dumped this much.

OCD About BLT – A little kindness and patience go a long way.

Remember to check back on our 15th-anniversary content by visiting our special tag created just for this occasion!

Question of the Week

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