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Not Always Right: 15th Anniversary Month! – 2020 Retrospective

, | Right | October 25, 2022

Dear readers,

All right, people, let’s get this out of the way right now. 2020 was… a rough freakin’ year. It felt like the apocalyptic year from Hades that would never end. But since we’re celebrating here, we’re going to focus on the positives!

2020 was the year that J-Lo and Shakira rocked the halftime show at the Super Bowl. This was the year that everything was cake. EVERYTHING. Macaulay Culkin turned forty, Michael B. Jordan won People’s Sexiest Man Alive, Parasite became the first non-English-language movie to win the Oscar for best picture, and Elon Musk and Grimes named their newborn X Æ A-Xii. (No, we still don’t know how to pronounce it.)

This was the year of Tiger King, Artemis Fowl, and Disney’s live-action Mulan. A petition to change the name of Columbus, Ohio, the birthplace of Guy Fieri, to “Flavortown” gathered 130,000 signatures. (Look. It was a weird year. We know.)

Meanwhile, here at Not Always Right, we reached new heights with over ten thousand published stories submitted by our resilient readers! Grab a bottle of hand sanitizer and dive in with us as we explore some of the highlights of 2020!


Editors’ Picks – Our Top Fifteen Stories Of The Year

A Regular Ol’ Scumbag – At least there’s one decent person running things around here!

Cuddles Have Been Booked – Hits from the comments: “I’m 100% on the dog’s side in this and this is clearly a NAP (Not Always Petting) story. Woof.”

Anger Rising, Just Like The Plane – The only way this could’ve ended better is if the author had puked on him.

That Attitude Is Very Self-Serving – It’s okay; the “servants” don’t want to talk to you, either.

Don’t Be THAT Parent – From badly behaved brats to belligerent begetters to banana bread!

The Book Thief – My mother-in-law is a retired librarian. Can confirm.

The Saga Of Jane Complain – Hits from the comments: “At a certain point, you need to tell her to get lost while dumping cold water on her to see if she melts.”

Vegas Starts In London – Hits from the comments: “The twist: she’s not actually hard of hearing, she’s just never shut up long enough to listen to anything.”

The Type Of Customers You Don’t Want Any Contact With – My favorite part is the passive-aggressive hand sanitizing at the end.

In The Biz, We Call This The A**hole Tax – And the key to not paying said tax is not being an idiot.

It Was By Design(er) – We heart this story so much!

We Can Explain It To You In Your Own Language – Hits from the comments: “I’ll never understand people who think it’s a good idea to be rude to someone handling their food.”

When Your Boss Is The Law – Yesssssss, waste that jerkbutt’s time!

It’s Not Easy, Screening Green – This time, science is the a**hole.

Giving Dad Some Comebacks About Put-Backs – Hits from The Lord Of The Rings, but replace “wizard” with “retail worker”: “A wizard should know better!”


Readers’ Choice – Top Fifteen Voted Stories Of The Year

The Meat On Your Plate Makes Up For Having None In Your Head – Sometimes, this is all you can do when faced with mind-boggling stupidity.

Boris Is Now Swedish – This man sounds like a ton of fun! No sarcasm!

They’re Going To Regret That In The Morning – Hits from the comments: “I… this… just… YES! FINALLY!”

We Accept Cash Or Credit, But Absolutely Zero Crap – Ahhh, consequences. You love to see it.

Showing A Serious Lack Of Military Intelligence – Hits from the comments: “That dude needs the stupid marched out of him.”

Another “In My Day” Argument That’s About To Get Totally Destroyed – Violence isn’t usually the answer, but God, do I want to slap this woman.

Customer Service, Come Rain AND Shine – Sometimes the universe is a truly beautiful place.

Not Afraid To Express Yourself At The Express Checkout – Yes, everyone clapped, but to be fair, they were asked to.

The Ending Of This Story Is The Cherry On Top – I know I’ve said this before but… what is wrong with some people?!

Bad Behavior, A Clever Gamble, And Karma All In One Package – Hits from the comments: “Someone rolled high on their Wisdom and Charisma checks.”

Please Do Not Pet The Managers – Hits from the comments: “Good manager, someone’s getting an extra treat!”

Unloading Some Beautiful Malicious Compliance – Can’t… stop… cackling…

The Customer Is Always Right – The new girl is going places!

This Story Starts At A Ten And Gets Better – We wonder where this old lady learned how to be so sneaky…

Giving New Meaning To The Term “Cheap Date” – With a dad that reacts this way, you wonder how the kid ended up like this in the first place!

Remember to check back on our 15th-anniversary content by visiting our special tag created just for this occasion!

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