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Not Always Right: 15th Anniversary Month! – 2018 Retrospective

, | Right | October 24, 2022

Dear readers*,

It’s anniversary roundup time once again, friends! This time, we’re heading back to 2018. This year, The Simpsons aired its 636th episode and became the longest-running primetime series, Meghan Markle married Prince Harry, and Karthik Nemmani won the 2018 Scripps National Spelling Bee with the word “koinonia”. (We had to look it up: “Christian fellowship or communion, with God or, more commonly, with fellow Christians.”)

The Winter Olympics dazzled us from Pyeongchang, South Korea in 2018. Scientists discovered twelve new moons orbiting Jupiter, bringing its total moon count to seventy-nine. The Philadephia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl this year, and YouTube surpassed 1.5 billion users. And it was in 2018 that the ending of Avengers: Infinity War dropped jaws and shattered hearts around the world.

Here at Not Always Right, things were rolling right along with another 9,100 awesome stories submitted by our loyal readers. We also introduced the Not Always Legal category, the baby of the NAR family, a place where crazy court cases and funny police encounters can be shared!

And now, to the best NAR stories of 2018!


Editors’ Picks – Our Top Fifteen Stories Of The Year

Checkout This Justice! – You give them an inch, they take a mile, and then you throw it back in their face.

One Way To Be A Lady Killer – Wow, the audacity of this jerk!

A Child’s Priorities Are The Ultimate Christmas Gift – Hits from the comments: “There’s hope for this kid, tbh.”

Less Than A Fifty-Fifty Chance That Would Have Worked – If you’re gonna scam, you’ve gotta pay attention!

Doesn’t Have The Power To Make Such Demands – Hits from the comments: “I’m pretty sure if I smacked the stupid out of you, there wouldn’t be anything left!”

The Bathroom Is Not The Only Thing Getting A Deep Clean – The only reason to put up signs is so when customers inevitably ignore them and say, “You should’ve put up a sign!” you can point to them with a resigned look.

The Back Room Is Also Back In Time – You don’t understand what an antique shop is, do you?

This Museum Rocks! – Hey, at least you were brave, author!

When It Pays To Be Materialistic – Hits from the comments: “Fast, Cheap, Good. You can only choose two.”

His Wife Is The Perfect Package – Hits from the comments: “And thus begins a sad case of traumatic post distress syndrome.”

This Yard Sale Is The Pits – Honestly, who doesn’t want to take home a friendly house hippo?

I Have 20/20-Dollar Vision – I can see that you’re a scammer and an idiot just fine, sir.

When District Managers Hit Home – Tell me something I don’t know!

English To Gibberish Dictionaries On Aisle Four – Dang, that’s an impressive skill!

You Won That Throwdown – As my partner always likes to say, turnabout is fair play.


Readers’ Choice – Top Fifteen Voted Stories Of The Year

The Demands Fell Right In His Lap – We always wonder how couples like this end up together and stay together.

The Adventures Of Man-Bear – Ah, yes, Man-Bear, cousin to Boris and friend to all… except those two jerks.

Cancel The CancellationI don’t know if this is a thing in Ireland, but I’m inclined to say, “Sue the b*****d!”

There’s No Business Like None Of Your BusinessHits from the comments: “‘Whatzit Tooyah’ reporting in.”

Mouse Versus EvilTo save you a little anguish, we’re going to spoil the ending: the mouse survives!

Breast Practice For Dealing With Narrow-Minded People – That’s literally how nature intended it, ma’am. Cope harder.

Getting Owned By The Owner, Part 11 – It’s amazing how many of these “I know the owner” types just assume the owner won’t be there!

Bagged Far More Than He Bargained ForHits from the comments: “Getting slapped might have been less painful for him.”

The Cake Price Is A Lie – That’s still a really good price! And this author thinks their prices are “a bit expensive”?!

Must Be Friends With Aaron SchlossbergHits from the comments: “I think the unintentional smackdowns are wonderful because they are delivered so sincerely.”

Man, What A Wait! – The fact that women are still dealing with this makes me so angry and so tired.

This Prank Has A Drinking Problem – Sometimes instant Karma is sticky, but it’s always sweet.

The Best Comeback Since Sliced BreadHits from the comments: “Savage Grandmas make the world go round.”

Treat It Like A Boss – The one time when “Do you have any idea who I am?” was actually relevant.

The Adventures Of Captain Camp And Mother RussiaSign these two up for the NAR Avengers!

Remember to check back on our 15th-anniversary content by visiting our special tag created just for this occasion!

*Due to a scheduling bug, this roundup was missed from its original publishing date.

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