Not Always Related, Romantic, Or Working

| WA, USA | Working | May 31, 2017

(My father has passed away recently. A few weeks later my mom comes from out of state to visit. While we are out for lunch, we see a sign that a local store is having a retirement/going out-of-business sale. Mom wants to look around, and see if there was something she would like. We pick up a salesman (the retiring owner), who follows us around. I am 50; my mom is 20 years my senior.)

Mom: “Your dad would have liked this. I miss him so much.”

Me: “So do I. Love you, mom.”

(Gives her a hug.)

Salesman: “Ah, yes, young love.”

(We didn’t buy anything.)

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  • Flami

    Assuming the salesman heard every word of the preceding exchange, is incest his idea of young love?

    • Janos Audron

      The fact he thought a 50 year old+ someone much older than her = Young love x.x

      • Flami


  • HeadlessGhostOfAbrahamLincoln

    How old was the owner to call that young love. No offense OP

    • The dust on the furniture is actually from his bones. (That’s why they’re going out of business.)

      • Jennifer Smith

        Nah, he had a burrito one day, and farted dust all over the place, that’s why their closing, no one wants “so old they fart dust” fart dust on their knickknacks.

    • Medusa Jordan

      They are women. Apparently all women want to believe that they look at least 10 years younger than they actually are, and being asked for ID while buying alcohol is the highest of compliments. .

  • Lord Circe

    I’m guessing he only heard the bit about love and was trying for a funny complement. I know some of my older coworkers can barely understand me when I am talking directly to them, if he was behind you or off to one side, it’s entirely possible he didn’t catch a word you said and was just responding to the hug.

    • Lorcán

      Still, young love?

      • Lord Circe

        That’s what I meant by funny complement. Flattering them by saying they look young.

  • Jackie Fauxe

    Great title, eds!

  • Glenn Davey

    Words have no meaning anymore.

    Going out of business, you say?

  • Trihan

    As much as I sympathise with OP and mom on their tragic loss, I initially found this quite funny because of “…see if there was something she would like. We pick up a salesman…”

  • Ashley Whitman

    Mom must look damn good for her age 😛

  • Clint

    I’m truly sorry for your loss but LOL.

  • Jane Ennis

    Once someone asked me if my partner was my son. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the presence of mind to reply, ‘Yes, I am Jocasta and this is my husband Oedipus’.