These Are Not Always Parents Roundup

| Right | February 3, 2020

We know that parenting can be hard, even one of the hardest jobs on the planet. Sometimes joyful but often exhausting, parenting definitely can be difficult.

Here are some tales about parents who are difficult themselves. Were they having a bad day?  Are they the stereotypes of people who should not have become parents?  Are we seeing things from only the bad point of view?  All of the above?

We’re not here to judge… much.  We are here to point out that these people were, in these stories, Not Always Parents.

Apparently Bad Parenting — Put the cellphone away…

The Mother Of All Crazy Mothers — Don’t try to follow the logic of how her mind works.

Her Chances Of A Place Are Spoiled — No, your precious child doesn’t get their own set of rules.

People At The Zoo Behave Like Animals — Maybe the father is a monkey’s uncle.

Not All Recycling Is Good — That’s an interesting definition of ‘service.’

Abandoning Store Policy — The toy store is not a daycare center.

Back Seat Mothering — If only there had been dashcams when I learned to drive…

Pokémon Go Away — Give an entitled parent an inch and they’ll just take off.

Went On A Jurassic Lark — Museums are not daycare centers, either.

Will Not Be A Party To Your Demands — Entitled Mother and the Case of the Half-a**ed Birthday Party.

Daddy Meets Miss Demeanor — I said, put the cellphone away.

A Bridal Shower Of Criticism — Mommy Narcissist tries to control a wedding.

He Kids You Not — Yeah, he should have a kid not.


So, are we being too hard on these people?  What stories of Not Always Parents have we missed?  Do you have your own stories of parents that just weren’t parenting?  Let us know in the comments or submit them here and maybe you’ll see them as a future story!