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Not Allergic To A Sunny Disposition!

, , , , , | Healthy | April 21, 2021

I have a blood disorder called EPP; basically, I’m allergic to the sun. I’m sitting in a tent on the beach to shelter myself. Two girls who look about fourteen or fifteen see me — age ten — with my gloves, sunscreen, and huge sun hat.

Girl #1: “Hi. Why are you in a tent?”

Girl #2: “Yeah, can’t you just go inside?”

Me: “My family is here; I don’t wanna just leave. The sun and I aren’t friends.”

Girl #1: “Well, why are you wearing gloves in a tent? Go outside!”

Me: “I’m allergic.”

Girl #2: “To going outside? That’s dumb.”

Me: “No! I’m allergic to the sun.”

Both girls are starting to get annoyed, even though I’m not lying and they are the ones who decided to talk to me.

Girl #1: “That’s not a real allergy.”

Girl #2: “Yeah, stop lying!” 

Me: “It is real, and I’m just glad you don’t have it.” 

I went back to playing with my little cards and they walked away.

After that, my mom kept telling me that story because she thought it was really nice how I didn’t actually react in an aggressive way. Even though they were being rude I didn’t wish my allergy on them. I know some people are dealing with some crazy allergies; you aren’t alone!

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