Not All The Cards Are Stacked Against You

| Working | December 30, 2013

(I am a member of a card scheme which gets me unlimited free entry to movies. A few weeks ago, I lost my card and had to order a replacement for £10. I then lost the new card. Since I wanted to go to the cinema that night, I have to contact customer services.)

Customer Service: “Hello. [Cinema] customer service. How may I help?”

Me: “I lost my card. I’m going to the cinema this evening so I need a temporary pass.”

Customer Service: “Not to worry. I need your postal code and date of birth.”

Me: *gives them*

Customer Service: “Is your name [My Name]?”

Me: “Yes.”

Customer Service: “Good gracious! Is this the card we sent you a couple of weeks ago?”

Me: *embarrassed* “Yes. It is.”

Customer Service: “All right. I’ll just send a temporary pass to your mobile.”

Me: “Thanks. I’ll pay for the replacement on my next bill.”

Customer Service: “Oh, no. Don’t worry about that. I’ve waived the fee.”

Me: “What?!”

Customer Service: “You don’t have to pay a thing.”

Me: “Oh, my god! Thank you so much!”

Customer Service: “No problem. Happy Christmas!”

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