Not All Sugar And Spice And All Things Nice

, , , , | Right | November 5, 2018

(I work at a specialty grocery store that specializes in bulk products. Our entire store is filled with bins of products that you bag yourself. We have three hanging scales in the stores; one is in the first aisle, one is at the front of the store between aisles two and three, and one is at the back of the store between aisles five and six. Our cash registers also have digital scales so we can weigh products when people are paying. The eighth aisle is the spice aisle, and the store is not very large. This happens on a Sunday morning while a coworker and I are cleaning lids in the sixth aisle.)

Customer: “You need to have a weigh station closer to your spice aisle.”

(Assuming she has been using one across the store, I point to the one at the end of the aisle I am in, two aisles away from the spice aisle.)

Me: “There’s one right back there!”

Customer: “I know, and it’s too far! It’s ridiculous I have to walk back and forth all that way to weigh my spices! Tell your management it needs to be changed!”

Me: “Uh, well, we can’t really change—”

Customer: “I can just go somewhere else, then!”

Me: *shocked someone is that passionate about not wanting to walk fifteen feet* “Okay.”

(She ended up buying her spices, and used one of our spend-$10-get-$3-off coupons, and was pleasant. I was just truly shocked she was that adamant about it. Sadly, she won’t be getting her wish, because the scales are screwed into the ceiling and won’t be moving anytime soon.)

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