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Not All Customers Are Jerks

, , , | Working | March 1, 2022

I’m picking up the prescription that I ordered online. The tech calls a consult over her shoulder to a pharmacist. It seems odd to me as I’ve been taking the same medication for five years and gave no indication that I had questions.

The pharmacist puts down what he is doing and comes over, looking at me expectantly, but I shrug and look at the tech who is typing into a computer, looking from the keyboard to the screen but nowhere else for the rest of my visit.

He leans over and whispers. In fact, the whole conversation between them is whispered.

Pharmacist: “What does she need?”

Tech: “The number.”

The pharmacist looks between me and the little sheet he’s holding, and I glance at the upside-down sheet, seeing $0, as my insurance covers the cost. I shrug again, as perplexed as he is.

Pharmacist: “I’m not seeing—”

Tech: “The amount.”

Pharmacist: “It’s free; it’s covered. I don’t see the problem.”

Tech: “The amount she wants.”

The pharmacist looks back down.

Pharmacist: “Oh. I see here.” *To me* “You ordered sixty tablets but your doctor only allows thirty at a time.”

Me: “Oh, not a problem. I didn’t know there was a maximum. I’ll take whatever I’m allowed.”

There are odd looks all around and the pharmacist goes back to whispering.

Pharmacist: “Why did you call me over?”

Tech: “I thought she’d be mad.”

The pharmacist and I shared a look as he went back to what he was doing. The tech never looked away from her computer, so I grabbed the few boxes and walked away. I get that I’m a middle-aged woman, but jeez, we’re not all unreasonable!

Question of the Week

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