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Not All Customer Service Has Been Butchered

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My boyfriend and I love to cook, so when we decide to try a fancy recipe for a special occasion, he takes me to one of the best butcher shops in our state. I love the staff, and the prices are great, so I go back a few days later to get a bone for my sister’s dog for his birthday. The employee who helps me is a very typical “merry butcher” type: bald, burly, HUGE hands, jovial disposition.

Butcher: “Hello there! What can I get for you today?”

Me: “Hi! I was wondering, do you sell marrow bones, like for soup?”

Butcher: “We certainly do. Just a sec!”

He leaves and comes back with a HUGE bone, definitely too big for the dog!

Me: *Laughing* “Sorry, I should’ve said before that it’s a birthday present for my sister’s dog.”

Butcher: *Eyes lighting up* “For a pupper?! Is it for a good boy or a good girl?”

Me: “He’s a good boy.”

Butcher: “And such a good boy, I’m sure! How big is he?”

Me: “He’s a pit mix, so he’s a strong chewer, but he’s on the smaller side, about fifty-five pounds.”

Butcher: “Got it. I’ll be right back.”

He ducks into the back and comes out a moment later with a thick, meaty bone of a much more manageable size.

Butcher: “How does that look?”

Me: “That looks perfect! He’s gonna love it!”

Butcher: “All right!”

He wraps the bone and rings it up for me.

Butcher: “And you’re all set! Tell the birthday boy we all said, ‘Happy birthday!'”

Me: “I definitely will! Thanks a lot!”

My sister’s dog LOVED his birthday bone, and I’ll definitely be back to that shop!

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