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Not Afraid To Chicken Out

| Friendly | January 23, 2015

(I share a house with three other people, two girls and one guy, all of whom are siblings. Between the four of us only one roommate and I cook and clean up the kitchen while her brother and sister tend to be either lazy or just plain picky.)

Me: *watching dinner come out of the oven* “Let me guess, your siblings only like chicken?”

Roommate: “How’d you figure that out?”

Me: “It’s pretty much all you cook now.”

Roommate: “Yeah, well, [Sister] doesn’t like pork or beef.”

Me: “…”

Roommate: “Yeah, I know. Leaves limited options. [Brother] is just picky. And you don’t like fish.”

Me: “Yeah, but you know you can always tell me to f*** off and fend for myself, you know.”

Roommate: “Screw that! You actually eat and help me out. They don’t! If you aren’t getting any they sure all h*** aren’t!”

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