Not Acting Sweet To Each Other

| Working | May 26, 2017

(The grocery department of our store is run from a desk in the far back corner of the store, well away from the registers. I hear this radio call one day, answered by the grocery manager.)

Head Cashier: “Grocery, I need a price check on a bag of candy. The customer says it’s supposed to be [price], but it’s ringing up at [slightly higher price].”

Manager: “What’s the code number?”

Head Cashier: “[Code Number].”

Manager: *probably checking the computer price and location* “Well, it’s actually on the candy aisle up by you.”

Head Cashier: “I need a price check, not where it is.”

Manager: “What register are you on, if I can ask?”

Head Cashier: “Eight, why?”

Manager: “I’m in the back of the store, totally opposite from where the candy is. It would have taken you ten seconds to walk over and check it yourself. I am trying to help some customers at the desk all the way back here. It would be quicker to just send another cashier to look.”

Head Cashier: “If you would just do your job we would have a price by now.”

Manager: “I AM doing my job. I have five customers waiting to be helped while I’ve been radioing you back and forth for something you could have had another cashier do in ten seconds. Did you want me to come up there and tell you five feet away the price? Or can you do your job and check it out yourself?”

Head Cashier: “Fine, sheesh. I’ll just have a cashier check instead of wasting all our time. Like it would kill you to walk up here.”

Manager: “And do your job? Not a chance.”

(The head cashier did get a warning about their behavior because it was so close to him that he could have walked over to it himself. The manager got talked to but no official warnings were given.)

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