Not Acting Like A Complete (S)Tool

, , , , | Hopeless | July 29, 2016

(I recently adopted an American (Scott) Bulldog/Boxer mix from a family that didn’t treat him very well. I’ve spent the last few months training him and socializing him, which has been mostly a success so far. However, there have been times when my dog does something rather embarrassing because he’s still learning how to act in stores. On this particular day, I go out walking with a friend and her family along with my boyfriend. We decide to stop at a frozen yogurt shop for a treat. My dog isn’t allowed inside, so I find a stool to tie him to. Since he’s usually so good, I don’t check to see if the stool is bolted down. I get him his own yogurt cup and go inside to grab mine when this happens:)

Froyo Employee: “Hey, miss, your dog is acting a little crazy.”

Me: “What? What is he doing?”

Froyo Employee: “He—”

(At this point, my moron of a dog, his muzzle stuck in his cup, scoots the stool, and takes off, scared of the stool. I dropped my cup and run out the door to see my dog running down the street, stool flying high behind him. My boyfriend runs after the dog after my asthma kicks in and I can’t run anymore. Luckily, a homeless gentleman catches my dog and hands him to my boyfriend. I give him the money I have in my wallet, which isn’t much, but he smiles and takes it anyway. We get back to the froyo store.)

Froyo Employee: *reassuringly* “The stool isn’t too damaged. You don’t need to pay for it.”

(It was a super embarrassing day, but thanks to both the homeless man and the froyo employee, I got my dog back. Thanks both of you guys for understanding and not making me feel more stupid than I already was!)

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