Not A Winning Proposal

| Romantic | August 13, 2012

(I sometimes revert to a form of baby talk when I get really excited. My boyfriend has just proposed. It’s late because he proposes after a special dinner and takes me to our favorite evening spot in the park. I am calling my parents, particularly my mom who doesn’t always understand my personality. I am speaking in baby talk the entire time.)

Mom: “Hello? You know it’s late, right?”

Me: “Hi, Mommy! Sorry it’s late!”

Mom: “Uh, hi.”

Me: “Mom! [Fiancé] proposed!”

Mom: “What?”

Me: “He proposed! [Fiancé] proposed!”

Mom: *angrily* “What? I can’t understand you! Why are you talking like that?”

Me: “Because I’m happy!”

Mom: “You’re happy?”

Me: “Yeah! I’m getting married!”

Mom: “Are you drunk?”

Me: *shocked into normal speech* “What? No! [Fiancé] just proposed and I wanted to tell you first!”

Mom: “Oh. You’re sure you’re not drunk?”

Me: “Yes. I’m sure I’m not drunk.”

Mom: “Oh, okay.” *silence* “Well… congratulations, then?”

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