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Not A Uniform Assessment

| Learning | January 1, 2014

(My sister’s daughter goes to a middle school where they require a uniform to be worn during PE. A few weeks into the new school year, my sister checks my daughter’s grades online to find that she’s failing PE. She calls the PE teacher.)

Sister: “Why is my daughter failing PE?”

Teacher: “She refuses to wear the uniform during PE. Every day she doesn’t wear the uniform she is docked.”

Sister: “I ordered the uniform from the school. My understanding is they are on backorder.”

Teacher: “Yes. They are. We expect them here in a couple of weeks.”

Sister: “So if the school doesn’t have enough uniforms for my daughter, why are you docking her for not wearing them?”

Teacher: “Well, that’s two separate issues. She needs to wear the uniform to PE.”

Sister: “How is she, when she doesn’t have one, and the school is out?”

Teacher: “Oh… The list of students that have uniforms on backorder is on a different piece of paper than the docking list. So I didn’t connect the two.”

Sister: “So you’ll fix her grade since she doesn’t have a uniform to wear?”

Teacher: “That’s a good point… I’ll remove the docks to her grade until the school can provide her a uniform to wear.”

(The bad thing is the same teacher had been docking all of the kids on the backorder list. It’s just that my sister is very vigilant about keeping on top of my niece’s grades!)

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