Not A Time Saving

, , , | Right | March 18, 2019

(A customer has just put six items in front of me. I ring them up and tell her the price.)

Customer: “No, that’s not right. They are supposed to be discounted; there’s a sign.”

Me: “Oh, that sign’s supposed to have come down by now. I can give you the discount on this one, but the others are a different brand and were not part of the sale.”

Customer: “But they are the same thing.”

Me: “They are different brands. The sign does clearly say [Brand], which this one is; it’s the most expensive at $9.99 but giving you the discount brings it down to $7.98. The others are $7.99 at full price.”

Customer: “So, what is the difference? The expensive one is bigger?”

Me: “It looks bigger because the packaging is bigger, but it holds exactly the same amount as the others.”

(I point out the sizing.)

Customer: “And what is the price?”

Me: “Those are $7.99, and that one is $7.98”

Customer: “Okay, I’ll be back.” *takes the $7.99 items with her*

(Ten minutes later, she was back with five of the other items that I had to mark down manually. I spent time doing that. Then, she handed me one of our customer cards, which cancelled out all of my deductions and I had to redo everything. The customer wasted twenty minutes of her time to save just five cents.)

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