Not A Team Player

| USA | Learning | June 16, 2016

(I am in physics class on the last day before winter break. Instead of doing a lesson, we are playing ‘broom ball,’ a game in which we maneuver a bowling ball through an obstacle course with a broom. Student #1 is keeping track of times so we can see who is the fastest, and asks for a team name before each person takes their turn. Note that while we say team name, most students actually play alone.)

Student #1: “What’s your team name, [My Name]?”

Me: “Bludger Ball.” *referencing Quidditch in Harry Potter*

Student #1: “Okay…” *writes ‘Plunger Ball on the board* “[Student #2], please state your team name.”

Student #2: “Snake.”

(Student #1 writes ‘Slytherin Snake’ on the board)

Me: “What, so [Student #2] can have a Harry Potter reference but I can’t?”

Student #1: “Team name?”

Student #3: “I don’t care.”

(Student #1 writes ‘Musty Rat’ on the board.)

Student #1: “Team name for you?”

Student #4: “Just put my name.”

(Student #1 writes ‘Sebastian’ on the board. Student #4’s name is not Sebastian.)

Student #1: “Your team name, please?”

Student #5: *very quietly* “[Student #5].”

(Student #5’s name starts with the letter V. Student #1 writes ‘Vienna, Austria’ on the board.)

Me: “You’ve been in [Student #5]’s class for four years. You should know it by now!”

Student #1: “What will be your name, good sir?”

Student #6: “I’m not even going to respond. You’ll just mess it up.”

(Student #1 writes ‘A. Peppermint’ on the board.)

Student #1: “Okay, now I’m in the holiday spirit.”

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