Not A Staple Part Of The Usual Allergies

| Working | April 26, 2017

(I’m allergic to titanium. It’s an odd allergy, certainly, but it means I usually need to avoid things like medical staples, etc. I’ve something on my arm that requires closing, and as usual, they’re insisting on using staples.)

Me: “You can’t use staples; I’m allergic to the metal.”

Nurse: “Nonsense. It’s titanium. You can’t be allergic to titanium.”

Me: “Well, I am, so—”

Nurse: “It’s seriously the most hypoallergenic metal there is. Stop being difficult, please, and let’s get this over with.”

Me: “What’s the point? First chance I get these are coming out again. Seriously. Just stitch it if it’s that bad.”

(Nope, I lost the argument. I figured I’d give it 24 hours and see if the reaction wasn’t too bad — sometimes it’s not quite as severe and it’s never life threatening — but the following day I march into my GP surgery and insist they take them out. After explaining they went in the day before:)

Nurse #2: “They’ve only been in 24 hours. I can’t take them out yet.”

Me: “You can’t leave them in. Seriously. Here, let me show you…”

(I finally manage to get the covering bandage off, and where each staple has pierced my skin, is swollen and oozing pus. Everything else is fine; it’s just at the pierced skin sites.)

Nurse #2: *going slightly pale* “Uh… okay. Yeah, we’ll take those out now. Why didn’t you tell them about this beforehand?”

Me: “You try convincing someone you have a titanium allergy.”

Nurse #2: “Fine, point taken. I’m gonna speak to the GP about putting something in your medical notes. That’s all kinds of ridiculous.”

(I don’t know what she said or if he ever wrote anything, but I’ve never been asked to have staples since, and nobody’s ever argued with me when I said I can’t have them, either.)

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