Not A Pleasant Experience

| Working | January 2, 2015

(During an interview for a help-tech position with local computer store:)

Interviewer: “Well… I can see you have 20 years experience and have the relevant qualifications. But I don’t think we can employ you.”

Me: *rather taken aback* “Oh… well, okay. Thank you for being honest with me. Can I ask why?”

Interviewer: “Well, honestly, it’s because of your age. We’ve found that older people don’t really ‘get’ computers.”

Me: “We don’t really… You did say I was more than qualified, right?”

Interviewer: “Yes, that’s right. Ideally we’d prefer someone who’s a recent graduate, say in their mid 20s so they’re more ‘in-tune’ with technology, like most young people are today. Frankly, you’re too old to know anything about modern computers.”

Me: “And yet on the application it said you were looking for someone with a minimum of 10 years work experience?”

Interviewer: “Yes. that’s right. Anything else I can help you with?”

Me: “No… I’ll just go get my zimmer-frame and shuffle off now. Good luck finding someone who graduated at age 10.”

(Funnily enough, they’re still looking.)

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