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Not A Picture-Perfect Family

| Related | May 26, 2017

(I’ve never particularly liked having my photo taken — mostly because my parents always insist on taking way too many of them and often force me and my siblings to stand for the same picture multiples times. As a result, I usually get frustrated and annoyed pretty easily by this. One year, my parents and I take a holiday and one day we decide to go on a bike ride through the woods. During this trip my dad has already taken around 10-15 photos of us. Since we have haven’t seen each other for a while I’m pleasant at first but I’m beginning to get annoyed. We stop by a lake to relax.)

Dad: “[My Name].”

(I look up to see he’s beckoning me for a picture; I shake my head immediately.)

Me: “Dad, can we not do pictures now? I just want to relax.”

Dad: *jovially* “Aww, don’t be a grump. Come have a picture with your Mum!”

Me: “Can we please do this later? I’m little tired right now.”

Dad: “Oh, don’t be such a baby! Come for one picture.”

Me: “Dad, you have lots of pictures already. Why do you need another right now?”

Dad: “Look, just come and have ONE PICTURE!”

Me: “No! I just want to enjoy the view and relax right now.”


Me: “I’m not the one throwing a temper tantrum here!”

Dad: “For God’s sake! It’s a simple picture. What the h***’s the matter?”

(Finally my mum chimes in; even she has grown sick of this.)

Mum: “Look, just leave it, okay? Clearly he doesn’t want to do one!”

Dad: “He needs to stop being a baby!”

Mum: “I said LEAVE IT! You have plenty of pictures; now stop acting stupid!”

(My dad walks away from us. A few moments later I see him very indiscreetly trying to take a picture of me!)


(He was very quiet and grumpy the rest of the ride. Later that day he tried laying into me about my ‘poor attitude’ and how my acting like this ‘won’t get you anywhere.’ I just cut him off mid-flow asking why on earth he insisted on making such a big scene and acting like a child when I clearly said no? Quickly he dropped the subject and didn’t mention it again. I know it’s a good thing to have someone who loves you enough to take your picture, but in my parent’s case, it’s like overkill.)

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