Not A One-Time Thing

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(I work in a college residence hall. In addition to visitor information, we also provide services to residents, such as equipment rental and cash exchanges. Two customers approach the desk at the same time, both with $10 bills.)

Customer #1: “Hi. Can we get change here?”

Me: “Yes, you can, provided you don’t need ones. We only have two at the moment.”

Customer #1: “Can I get ten ones?”

(I figure she just misunderstood what I said.)

Me: “I’m sorry, but we only have two ones. I can really only give you two fives for a ten. Will that work?”

Customer #1: “Yes, that will be fine.”

(She steps aside, and [Customer #2], who has heard the whole exchange, steps up and puts her $10 on the counter.)

Customer #2: “Hi. Can you exchange this for a five and five ones?”

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