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Not A Jerk Like Other Girls

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My cousin has a very “I’m not like other girls” attitude, and she also happens to be a major know-it-all, which annoys everyone else. 

One day while she, my best friend, and I are out shopping, my best friend and I decide to duck into a boutique to look at summer dresses. My cousin is huffing and hawing the whole time, groaning about fashion and “girls who try too hard.” She’s starting to get dirty looks from other customers and sales girls alike, so I start trying to shush her. 

Cousin: “Come on! This is useless. You’ll just throw them on the floor after you meet some guy, just like all other girls do! Just accept that you’re a fashion victim!”

I try to shush her again, but this time, she’s caught the attention of the entire shop. 

Best Friend: “It’s okay; not everyone can look as good as we do!”

Several people start laughing, and my cousin blushes. 

Me: “You are not ugly, but your personality is. Grow up. You’re almost an adult.”

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