Not A Good-Smelling Dish

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(My friend and I are in science class, working on an experiment with bacteria. Groups in our class have taken swabs from areas around the school and we’re seeing what grows in the petri dish over the course of a week. It’s been a week and we go to observe our bacteria. We’re allowed to take off the lids of the dishes. I notice a faint odor when I take the lid off.)

Me: “Hey, [Friend], does this smell weird to you?”

(To my horror, she puts her nose right over the petri dish and HUFFS.)

Friend: *yelps and leaps backward before sitting on the floor, clutching her nose*

Me: “What was that?!”

Friend: “You said to smell it!”

Me: “I didn’t think you’d huff it! You waft it towards you like [Teacher] showed us!”

Friend: *still clutching her nose* “It smells like a field-dressed deer carcass!”

(This is why we follow lab safety. Don’t murder your nose!)

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