Not A Gifted Father

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(Today is my birthday, while my step-sister’s birthday is a week away. I go over to my father’s house after picking up my step-sister from school. He asks me to stay for dinner, but does not say anything about my birthday. After dinner, my dad comes out with a big wrapped box.)

Dad: “I could not wait any longer! I had to give the birthday gift to my special girl!”

(My dad puts the gift in front of my step-sister.)

Dad: “I know it’s a week away, [Step-Sister], but I could not hold off any longer!”

(I wait for a while, but my father does not pull out any gifts for me, or even say happy birthday. I am holding back tears the rest of the night. But the next day, my mom and step-dad surprised me with ‘Book of Mormon’ tickets! I also had a great birthday dinner with my mom and step-dad’s family. Also a few months later, my dad gets mad that I don’t wish him a happy birthday, and calls me an “awful selfish daughter.” I have since stopped talking to him, and I have a much better life!)

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