Not A Fitting Washroom

, , | Right | October 23, 2018

(I work in a store that sells clothing as well as other items. This happens to me on a daily basis in the fitting rooms.)

Customer: “I have [number] items.”

(Then they walk right in with shopping cart full of items; sometimes not all of them are clothing items.)

Me: *ushering them back out* “You will have to leave your cart outside the fitting rooms, and I have to count your items.”

Customer: “But I told you I have [number]! Why do I have to leave my cart here?”

Me: “It won’t fit inside the fitting room, and if you leave it in the hallway it is a fire hazard. Furthermore, I am being watched on camera—” *points up to camera* “—and if I do not count your items, as is policy, I will lose my job.”

Customer: “But if I leave it out here with you, someone will take my stuff! Just trust me; I only have [number] and I’ll be out right away!”

Me: *sigh* “Put your stuff behind my counter; I will watch it like a hawk.”

(Also a regular occurrence:)

Customer: *walks right past me* “I have to use the washroom.”

Me: “That is actually a family/disabled fitting room.”

Customer: “No, it’s not! It has the washroom symbol! Let me in!”

(The room has a wheelchair symbol, but nothing to indicate it is a washroom, because, well, it isn’t one.)

Me: “I will show you if you wish, but there is no toilet.”

Customer: “Well, why do you have a washroom with no toilet?”

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