Not A Fan Of Your Service

| Working | October 31, 2015

(I help my parents purchase a new desktop computer. It works fine, but the fan is clearly faulty; it screeches loudly when starting up and then runs very loudly. I get on the phone with tech support as my parents don’t know very much about the topic. The first two times I call, they refuse to replace the fan, claiming that it needs to be running all the time so it gets disabled by them when they remote access into the computer. I am now calling for the third time.)

Tech: “Hello, sir, what seems to be the problem?”

Me: “Hello, this is the third time I am calling about the same issue.”

Tech: “Okay, sir, let me look you up.” *he does so and once again remote accesses into the computer* “All right, let me install this program and I think you should be good to go.”

(I watch as he installs the same program that was done on the LAST time I called. Sure enough, as he finishes loading it, it pops up an error message stating that it had already been previously installed.)

Tech: “Okay, sir, that should solve your problem.”

Me: “Hang on a minute! I just watched what you did and it clearly said it changed nothing! How could you possibly say that the problem is solved?!” *I also notice that my mom has wandered into the room and has witnessed my exchange, and is now literally cheering me on*

Tech: *literally does not speak for the next five minutes as he moves the mouse and opens random folders* “So… you were watching what I was doing?”

Me: “Yes, I was!”

Tech: *another gap in conversation* “All right, sir, it appears that your fan is damaged and we will be sending out an individual to repair it.”

Me: “Thank you!”

Tech: “Would you like to speak to my supervisor?”

Me: “Yes, I would!”

Tech: “Okay, please hold…”

Supervisor: “Hello, sir, I wanted to speak to you about your experience just now.”

Me: “Fine by me.”

Supervisor: “Well, first of all, you seem to have been on the phone with him for a very long time. Was there some kind of problem?”

Me: “Well, you know, I really hate to get people in trouble, but there was. This guy tried to claim that he had fixed the problem but I watched him do nothing. I also don’t want to claim that I know more than any of you guys, but I work in technology and I know for a fact that he wasn’t telling the truth.”

Supervisor: “Well, I am very sorry about that, sir. There is no excuse for that and I will make sure that he does not speak to you again.”

Me: “Thank you.”

Supervisor: “I hope everything will be resolved to your satisfaction. We have one of our men scheduled to come out to your place on ********.”

Me: “Thank you again, and have a nice day.”

Supervisor: “You too, sir. Thank you.”

(Two days later the same original tech calls us back. The real kicker? When the repair technician came out, he opened up the desktop, spun the fan once manually, and immediately said:)

Repair Tech: “Well, there’s your problem right there…”

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