Not A Fan Of Spooning

| Romantic | April 22, 2013

(I am 13 years younger than my boyfriend, and it is often is joked about when I’m with his family. My boyfriend is serving everyone dinner while we are sitting in the living room together. He passes out silverware to everyone except me.)

Boyfriend: “Oops, sorry babe. I’ll be right back.”

(He walks to the kitchen and back.)

Boyfriend: “Here you go!”

(He hands me his six-month-old niece’s spoon.)

Me: “Haha, funny. Now get me a real one, please!”

Boyfriend: “Okay, okay.”

(He walks back in the kitchen, and comes back again.)

Boyfriend: “Okay fine, here you go.”

(He hands me his three-year-old nephew’s airplane spoon.)

Me: “Okay fine, but what does this say about you?!”

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