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Not A Decision You Need To Sleep On

| Working | December 12, 2016

(I am 35 years old (this will be relevant) and have entered a big chain store that sells mattresses, pillows, and other items for the bedroom, looking as I am for a new pillow. I explain to the employee what I am looking for and she leads me to a showcase of pillows.)

Employee: “These are the best pillows for your situation. They are specialized for people who sleep on their sides.”

Me: “These are filled with feathers. I am allergic to feathers. Do you have anything hypoallergenic?”

Employee: “No, no, no, these are the best for your situation.” *she goes on to explain why*

Me: “I understand that they fill a lot of my requirements but I am allergic to feathers. I cannot use these pillows.”

Employee: “You can just takes some allergy pills before bed. These will work best for you.”

(She looks at me with a prestigious look on her face.)

Employee: “So can I ring one up for you?”

Me: “No.”

(I turned and walked out of the store, hearing her tell her coworker as I exit, “Kids these days have no concern for their own well-being.”)

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