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Not A Crooked Policy

, , , | Right | August 27, 2020

I work in a fabric store and a lady has come in with a bag of fabric to return. I explain that we don’t return cut fabric unless it’s faulty.

Customer: “It is faulty.”

I pull out the fabric and notice that it has been cut into pieces. I can’t see any faults.

Me: “Can you show me where the fault is, please?”

Customer: “All the pieces are cut crooked.”

Me: “Did someone here cut the pieces for you?”

It’s against policy to do so because mistakes like this can be made.

Customer: “No, I cut them.”

Me: “Sorry, but there’s nothing I can do if you cut the pieces crookedly.”

Customer: “But your staff member cut the fabric crooked in the first place; I measured from his cut.”

Me: “You didn’t check to see if the cut was straight first?”

Customer: “NO, he’s supposed to be a professional and cut perfectly in line!”

Me: “We can’t guarantee a perfectly straight cut and always give a little extra fabric just in case.”

Customer: “I demand to see the manager, and I want something done about the incompetent staff member who sold me the fabric.”

Me: “It was the manager who served you, and I’m sorry, but he’s not here right now. He’ll be back in tomorrow if you would like to discuss this with him; I am not authorised to do a fabric return.”

Customer: “I’m not coming back tomorrow. Do you think I live here or something?”

Her RV is always parked in the parking lot and she’s always in it.

Customer: “Ring that woman who drives the [Company] van. I know she’s his boss.”

I called our line manager who refused to authorise a refund on what was basically the customers’ mistake.

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