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(I’m a 21-year-old female pizza delivery driver in a very small town. One of the rules stressed to us drivers is “Don’t do anything you’re uncomfortable doing.” I’m delivering a pizza to a house after dark. I knock on the door and two middle-aged men, both about six feet tall and rather large, answer the door.)

Me: “Hi, that will be [amount].”

Customer #1: “Come on in and set it on the kitchen table.”

([Customer #2] says nothing but has a smirk on his face as he looks me up and down. I’m getting creepy vibes from both of them.)

Me: “I’m sorry sir. It’s against company policy for me to enter someone’s home.”

Customer #1: “Well, they don’t have to find out, do they?”

Me: “I feel more comfortable following policy on this one. Now I just need the money so I can get on to my next delivery.”

Customer #2: “What if we gave you a bigger tip? Would you come in then?”

(He pulls out a wad of twenties and starts flipping through them.)

Me: “I’m sorry. I really can’t go in and I really need to get going to my next delivery.”

(Both men look annoyed. [Customer #1] takes the pizza as [Customer #2] offers me a $20 bill as payment. I go to take the $20 but he keeps a firm hold on it and leans in.)

Customer #2: “What’s [Pizza Shop]’s policy on drivers who go missing?”

(I’m pretty frightened as just one of these men could easily overpower me. I have to think of something fast.)

Me: “If I were to not show up at my next delivery or back at the store within a certain amount of time, they would send people out to look for me at the last place I delivered to. That would be here.”

([Customer #2], looking more annoyed, let go of the $20 and they went inside and shut the door. I can only imagine what those men were planning.)

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