Noobishness That Makes You See Red(Mage)

, , , | Working | January 24, 2018

(We have a reporting mechanism for lost and stolen equipment, and employees are required to report lost equipment. One employee fills out a form for a stolen phone. When getting to the question asking about the surrounding circumstances of the theft, the employee states on the form that he was involved in a melee. Here’s a paraphrased excerpt from our internal incident response discussion:)

Supervisor: “Were there weapons involved in the melee?”

Tech #1: “It wasn’t stated in the report.”

Supervisor: “Need to know what level the characters were, what skill tree, and what weapons were involved. Were there any legendary items at all?”

Tech #2: “I’ll bet they were trying to use a freaking mage as a melee character.”

Tech #1: “Thief used boots of escaping, no purple runes on bedazzled phone. Subject was pwn’d by a level-13 rogue. What a noob.”

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