This Is A Non-Service Announcement

, , , | Related | July 28, 2017

(It’s about nine in the morning on a Sunday. I’m still in bed since I tend to work later hours and get to sleep around two am. The phone rings and I sleepily answer.)

Me: “Hello?”

Dad: “Hey, we’re just calling to let you know. Grammie passed some time early this morning.”

Me: *not even awake enough to process what I’ve just heard* “Okay…”

Mom: “She wanted to donate her body to science, so we’re on the way to go pick up paperwork related to that.”

Me: “Oh… okay…”

(The phone call ends, I finally process what I’d just heard and cry for a while. Later I get a text from my mom.)

Text: “Grammie didn’t want a service. We’re going to be getting together later this year.”

(I guess my family is just way more matter of fact about death than I thought?)

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