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Non-Confrontational Coupons

, , , | Working | September 27, 2021

My parents and I decide to stop at a fast food restaurant on our way home one evening. We’ve eaten here before and had no real issues, but this night is slightly different.

We order, get drinks, and head to a table. There are a handful of other people in the building, already eating or finishing their meals. A couple of women have just finished ordering before us, but I don’t pay attention when they get their food. We wait a little longer than is probably normal, and my mom comments on it.

Me: “They probably have a lot of people in the drive-thru. They probably prioritize those first.”

We’re not mad or anything, just a little unused to this kind of wait time at a “fast” food establishment. A few minutes later, as my dad brings our food back to our table, a gentleman walks over and hands us coupons for a free meal.

Gentleman: “You shouldn’t have had to wait twelve minutes for your food. These are for you.”

After he walks away through an employees-only door, my mom says:

Mom: “I guess I complained a little too loud. I wasn’t upset; it was just weird.”

I’m not a confrontational kind of person, and I’m used to weird wait times for my food. The day before this, a “fast” sandwich place had been so busy it took them almost an hour to deliver my sandwich and I had an event to get to. But to be the only table (or one of two) in the building waiting for food for that long seemed a little excessive.

Thanks for the coupons, I guess?

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