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Nobody Likes A Litterbug

, , , | Friendly | September 8, 2020

I’m with one of my friends who’s committed quite a few petty crimes. We’re out drinking, but we can’t find a bin to throw away our bottles. After some time of fruitless searching…

Me: “You know we can just…” *mimes littering* “…the bottles, right?“

Friend: *Genuinely offended look* “Dude, I may be a liar, scammer, and cheater, but I draw the line at littering. I have standards, you know.”

Me: “Seriously?”

Friend: “Yes. There’s a long list of crimes I’m willing to commit, but littering is not one of them. And drugs. Drugs are bad.”

Honestly, he’s beaten up, blackmailed, and extorted people without batting an eye, but apparently, littering was too evil even for him. Who knew?

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