No, Your OTHER Left

| | Right | November 29, 2007

(The customer was using an older copy of Windows, so I had to ask her a question about what her Explorer window looked like)

Tech Support: “Up at the top it says File, Edit, and View. What does it say just to the right of View?”

Customer: “Edit.”

Tech Support: “No, to the right of View.”

Customer: “Edit.”

Tech Support: “Okay, what’s on the other side of View?”

Customer: “Oh, Tools.”

Tech Support: “Click your left mouse button.”

Customer: “Which one is that?”

Tech Support: “Well, you know your left from your right, so click the button on your left.”

Customer: “Oh.”

Tech Support: “What happened?”

Customer: “Nothing.”

Tech Support: “You did click the left mouse button?”

Customer: “I think so.”

Tech Support: “The one on your left?”

Customer: “Which one was that again?”


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