No… We DON’T KNOW… Please Elaborate

, , , , | Working | January 14, 2020

(I have a few chronic conditions which require regular doctor’s visits. My boyfriend takes me since I can’t drive. He’s a tall, muscular black man, and he has a heart of gold. At one visit, we get a new nurse. She keeps giving me worried looks, and when my boyfriend steps out to take a work call, she drops her voice to a whisper.)

Nurse: “Ma’am, do you need help?”

Me: “I… What?”

Nurse: “You can be honest here. Do you need me to call the police? Is he hurting you?”

Me: “My boyfriend? No!”

Nurse: “Well… he’s… you know… so if you ever need help…”

Me: “No, but can I talk to the doctor?”

(The doctor was not too happy when he found out about the nurse’s conversation. She was fired soon after.)

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