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No Vocation For Location, Part 21

, , , , | Working | June 22, 2018

(As a receptionist, I welcome visitors and call the person they have their meeting with.)

Guest: “I have an appointment with [Manager].”

Me: “Sure thing. I’ll call him right away!”

(I dial the number, and in the corner of my eye I see someone waving at me. I look at the person and nod; I’ll be right with him. The phone then gives me a busy signal and things click with me. The one who waved at me, who was having a phone conversation himself… is the manager I am trying to reach. A bit embarrassed, I turn back to the guest.)

Me: “I am currently unable to reach [Manager], as he’s on the phone… and standing right next to you. So… I’m pretty sure he’s aware of your arrival.”

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