No Vertical Virtues

, , , , | Right | July 6, 2018

(It is the end of a transaction where the customer hasn’t said a word, but everything has gone smoothly, and he has clearly shown he understands what I’m saying.)

Me: “Okay, your change is $1.76.”

(The customer holds out his hand for his change, and it’s almost completely vertical.)

Me: “Uh… Could you straighten your palm out a little?”

(The customer looks at me, and then tilts his hand a tiny, tiny bit, not nearly enough to make a difference.)

Me: “You might want to flatten it a little more before I give you your coins.”

(I demonstrate. The customer just stares at me and shakes his hand in a clear “give me my money” gesture. I decide I’m being silly and he could easily grab the coins before they slide off his palm. I put the coins in his hand. He does absolutely nothing to hold on to them and they slide off his palm and into the gum rack below the register.)

Me: “Oh… Sorry about that.”

(He gave me this look like all the troubles in the world were my fault, dug his change out, and left. If something like this ever happens again, I’ll just put them on the counter like I should have this time.)

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