No Underage Understanding, Part 3

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I am ringing up customers at around seven at night. A lady with beautiful purple hair and her friend walk up wanting to buy wine.

Me: “I need to see your IDs, please.”

She hands me hers. She’s over twenty-one, but her friend doesn’t have her ID.

Me: “I’m sorry but I can’t legally sell this to you.”

Customer: “But I’m the one buying it?”

Me: “Ma’am, it’s the law. I can’t tell how old your friend is.”

She argues with me more, and I have no idea how to handle it other than to be polite since she is the first customer to really blow up on me.

Customer: “Fine! I’ll send my friend to the car and go find someone who isn’t a c*** to check me out.” *Leaves*

Me: “Ma’am, you forgot your mini Rubik’s cube!”

She comes back and gets it.

Me: “Have a good night!”

I told the manager working and he told me that he would have banned her from buying it if I’d told him sooner about her. Oh, well. Karma has a heck of a bite to lay on her. Be nice to us; we’re trying not to end up in jail!

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