No Underage Understanding, Part 2

| Working | July 21, 2017

(I’m the guilty party in this story. Our restaurant has a fairly loose policy with checking IDs. If they look 40 or under, we card, but I’m terrible with guessing ages. Two women sit down at a table. They’re both obviously over 21, one roughly in their 30s and the other in her 40s, or so I think. One looks much younger than the other, so when I take their orders I only ask one for ID.)

Customer #1: “I’ll have a Bud Light.”

Customer #2: “I’ll have the same.”

Me: *to [Customer #1]* “Okay, I just need to check your ID.”

Customer #1: *stares at me and rolls eyes, but starts to pull her ID out anyway, turning to her friend* “Ugh. Every. Time. I don’t look THAT young.”

Me: *I see this and am feeling embarrassed* “I’m sorry, I know. You’re obviously over 21.” *she shoots me another look and I feel even worse* “No, I mean.. uh… sorry! I just mean you don’t look like a child… erm… You look under forty, so we have to card anyone under forty to make sure. I mean, you could take it as a compliment… I’m sorry. I don’t mean… I’m going to go get your drinks now.”

Customer #2: *laughs* “That’s okay. It’s just a sore subject for her. She’s fine. You’re just doing your job!”

(Customer #1 however, still doesn’t look like she’s pleased.)

Customer #1: *grumbling more to herself than anything* “I’ve been over 40 for three years now…”

(I felt terrible about it for the rest of the night and learned my lesson — just card everyone at the table next time! Luckily after that, someone else served an underage kid alcohol with an officer present, so we had to start carding EVERYONE that didn’t look like they were ready to retire. Then I had an extra good excuse.)

No Underage Understanding

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