No Trace(y) Of Intelligence

| Friendly | September 15, 2016

(Our landline phone has caller ID, just like a mobile would, and we never answer the phone until it’s finished reading out the number that’s calling or, if the number is in its phone book, saying the name of who’s calling. The family friend in this story, let’s call her Tracey, is… well, a bit ditzy and has never quite got her head around this…)

Phone: “Call from Tracey.”

Me: *answers phone* “Hi, Tracey.”

Tracey: “Hi, [My Name], it’s Tracey.”

Me: “I know, the phone told me.”

Tracey: “Oh… huh.”

(And another time:)

Phone: “Call from Tracey.”

Me: *answers phone* “Hi, Tracey.”

Tracey: “Hi… Ah, how did you know it was me?”

Me: “Phone told me.”

Tracey: “I called your home, right?”

Me: “Yes. It tells us who calls.”

Tracey: “Huh.”

(And again.)

Phone: “Call from Tracey.”

Dad: *answers phone* “Hi, Tracey.” *pauses* “Yes, you did. Our phone told me you were calling.”

(One day she’ll figure it out – or start calling our mobiles when she wants us!)

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