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“No, Thank You” Still Means Something, You Know

, , , , , | Working | April 2, 2022

My girlfriend and I are planning a trip, so one day while at the mall, we decide to look at new luggage. We find a typical chain store selling such and walk in. We’re immediately jumped on by an over-eager saleswoman. We let her know that we’re just browsing, thanks. She backs off for a couple of minutes but soon comes back.

Every time one of us stops to look at a particular piece, she swoops in and starts listing off features or talking about all the sales that are on.

It gets so bad that it triggers my girlfriend’s anxiety and we have to leave. I can applaud the work ethic, the commitment to helping customers, and the knowledge, but back off and know when you’re not helping. It’s an easy way to lose sales, and I wish more retailers understood that.

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