No Sugar Coat

| Related | January 29, 2015

(I have struggled with confidence issues in the past, thanks to an unsupportive family and being a misfit at school due to my ‘nerdiness.’ However, with the help of a few close friends, I’ve become less self-conscious. Though my weight was never a huge issue for me, I’ve always been a bit embarrassed for being slightly chubby, and have slowly come to accept it. At the moment, I’m shopping for a coat with my grandmother.)

Me: *tries on coat* “I really like this one. It’s definitely my style, and is really comfortable as well.”

Grandmother: “Ugh, you can’t buy that! You look so fat in it.”

Me: “But I don’t care if I look fat; as long as I’m healthy, I don’t mind being a bit chubby.”

Grandmother: “You should mind. You need to get rid of all that flab. And besides, the coat’s a horrible style.”

(I’m feeling a bit hurt, especially since I take a lot of pride in my somewhat nonconformist sense of style.)

Me: “Look, it’s my body, and I’m going to be the one wearing the coat, so isn’t it my choice whether I get it or not?”

Grandmother: “[My Name], stop being so disrespectful! You need to work on getting a better figure, and you should buy nicer clothes. I know best, since I’m older.”

(She insisted I get a coat I hated, and then said she’d pay. Afterwards…)

Grandmother: “Since that coat cost so much, I guess it’s an early birthday present.”

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