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No Spoonful Of Customer Service Will Help The Artificial Sugar Go Down

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My friend and I work the concession stand for the basketball games at our high school. My dad works at the school so I am trusted to do money and put it in the principal’s office at the end of the night. We also get honors society credit for it.

We are almost out of food and only have diet drinks left because we are on the third game of the night.

Customer: “I’ll take a Coke.”

Friend: “We only have Pepsi products and right now all we have is diet.”

Customer: “This is ridiculous. I just wanted a f****** Coke. Fine, I’ll take a Diet Pepsi.”

My friend gives him his drink and a few minutes later, he comes back.

Customer: “Excuse me, my drink is flat and it doesn’t even taste like Pepsi!”

Me: “I’m sorry. I don’t really know what to tell you, it was a fresh drink, but it’s diet so it’s going to taste different. Do you want to buy another drink?”

Customer: “I want you to replace this one!”

Me: “We aren’t allowed to do that, especially since you already drank over half of it.”

Customer: “I can’t f****** believe you f****** people. This is why you don’t let little privileged girls work things like this. I want to talk to the manager!”

Me: “This is a high school concession stand, not a restaurant.”

Customer: “Don’t f****** talk back to me, you f***!”

The resource officer ended up asking him to leave.

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