No Skin Off His Nose To Have No Nose On His Face

| Romantic | April 18, 2014

(My boyfriend manages valet at a local hospital. They have to stand outside the building waiting for the customers to come up. This winter has been the coldest we’ve seen in a while and this particular week we were expecting days with wind chills at 35 below zero.)

Me: “Make sure you bundle up tomorrow. Wind chill at 35 below zero.”

Boyfriend: “I know. It’s going to suck. I hope not many people will show up.”

Me: “I hope so, too. I don’t want you to get frostbite.”

Boyfriend: “Me, too. I like all my fingers and toes.”

Me: “And your nose.”

Boyfriend: “I think I can live without my nose. Then it won’t be in the way when I kiss you.”

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