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No Shirt, No Payment, No Service

, , , | Right | CREDIT: abblejacksvaill | October 3, 2021

Me: “Thank you for calling [Company]. My name is [My Name]; how may I help you?”

Caller: “I placed an order online and there was a service added to my account that I didn’t order. What the f*** did you do?”

Me: “I’m so sorry for this mistake. I see you haven’t been charged yet, so I’d be more than happy to remove said service for you.”

Caller: “And I’d be more than happy to keep it!”

I’m confused because she seemed irritated it was on there.

Me: “Okay, I can leave it on there if you’d like, but you will be charged for it.”

Caller: “Why would I have to pay for something you f***** up?”

I’d like to reiterate that she placed this order online, and therefore, the only live person who had anything to do with her order was her. I double-check our website order entry; there’s no way to accidentally order this kind of service.

Me: “Because you would be receiving the service, ma’am.”

Caller: “Right, but I didn’t order it. You put it on there. Why should I have to pay?”

Me: “As I said, I apologize that there was a mistake while you placed an online order, but I cannot leave the service on your account unless you are paying for it.”

We go back and forth like this for about ten minutes or so, so if you want a more realistic version of the call, reread every part up to this a couple of times.

Caller: “Then just cancel my f****** order.”

Me: “I can definitely do that. One moment.”


Me: “As I’ve stated previously, I can remove the service and you won’t be charged, or I can leave it and you will be; there is no middle ground there. If you would like to cancel instead of one of those options, I can also do that.”

Caller: “Just f****** do it, then.”

She hung up on me, so I cancelled the order and noted the account well. I checked her account today, and guess who tried to pull the same crap with another representative not even two hours later?