No She Does Not Want To Build A Snowman

, , , | Right | October 6, 2018

(The cafe I work at has a large kids’ playground, so we attract many difficult parents.)

Mother: “Can you please change the movie? My son doesn’t like Frozen.”

Me: “I’m sorry. There are other kids enjoying the movie so I can’t change it right now, but after this finishes I can put on a different one.”

Mother: “But my son doesn’t like it! Do you have no empathy for children?!”

Me: *sternly* “If I change the movie now, all those kids will be upset, so I’m sorry, but I’m not changing it.”

Mother: “I demand to speak to your manager! This is extremely rude of—”

Manager: *yells from out the back* “We’re not changing the f****** movie!”

(The mother snatched her child — who was quietly watching “Frozen” — out of the playground and left, muttering that she was never coming back.)

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