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No Room For Argument With Them

, , | Working | March 8, 2018

(My father and I are joining a tour group. We have called the travel agency and asked for a room together. I’m female and over 18.)

Agent: “We can’t put a man and a woman in the same room.”

Me: “Is that policy? So, we have to room with strangers?”

Agent: “No, it’s not policy. Unless it’s husband and wife, it’s just wrong. Eww. So, yes, you will room with strangers.”

Father: “We’re father and daughter.”

Agent: “If she was under-aged, that would be required, as kids can’t room with strangers. But she’s an adult. It’s just gross. I can’t put you together.”

Me: “There are two beds, right? You won’t be putting same-sex strangers in the same bed, will you?”

Agent: “Of course not.”

Me: “Then, why can’t I room with my father?”

Father: “You just said it wasn’t policy, just that you don’t like it.”

Agent: “Not happening.”

(Eventually, we got the agent to talk to a guide actually coming on the trip who okayed us to share a room.)

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