No Right To A Cashier When You Have No Cash

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(I’m walking the store floor when a part-time employee flags me down. She’s on a cash register, with one customer in front of her who is having an angry conversation on her phone. A large number of bagged clothes are across the counter.)

Employee: “Her store card was over the limit, and her credit card was declined. She’s been on her phone with her credit card. My shift ended fifteen minutes ago. I have to get to the bus stop, or I’ll miss class! I can’t suspend the order; I don’t know what to do!”

Me: “Just go clock out and get to class. I’ll handle this for you.”

(The employee dashes off. I check the order, which has been active for a total of 45 minutes, and do a re-ring so the employee’s check out time isn’t poorly affected, then wait for the customer. After a few more angry minutes, she finally turns to me.)

Customer: “This is such bulls***. They can’t just cut me off. Try my other card. I’m going to sue them. I’m going to… Wait. You’re different.”

Me: “Yes, ma’am. The previous employee’s shift ended while you were on the phone.”

Customer: “Shift ended? In what, two minutes? Get her back here.”

Me: “She’s already left.”

Customer: “You can’t do this, changing people behind someone’s back! I was on the phone for two minutes. Get her back here.”

Me: “It was longer than two minutes, and she left.”

Customer: “I am spending hundreds of dollars today. You will get her back here!”

Me: “I’m afraid I can’t, ma’am… and your third card was declined.”

Customer: “None of you know how to do this! It can’t be declined. Get your manager!”

Me: “I am the manager. Do you have a fourth method of payment you would like to try?”

Customer: “Forget this!”

(She left the store, abandoning her heaps of clothes.)

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